Monday, April 25, 2011

Got Leftover Peeps? Make S'Mores!

If your mom is like mine, every Easter your basket contains Peeps in some way, shape or form. In our home, it's just not Easter without Peeps. We love them! (And by we, I mean me. The Hubs thinks they're gross. I personally don't understand some people's aversion to Peeps - they're sugar coated marshmallows in the shape of animals. What's not to like?)

This year we spent Easter with our besties C&B at our lake house. As I was at HEB shopping for groceries for our weekend feasts (which included a crawfish boil & Easter brunch), I knew Easter just wouldn't be the same if I didn't bring along the Peeps. Also on my shopping list were the items needed to make another lake house favorite...s'mores. It was on the candy aisle that I got the bright idea to use the Peeps in place of marshmallows. (For a moment I wondered if causing the bunnies & chicks to bloat by heating them over a fire before eating them was a bit morbid, but then I decided...nah, it will just be tasty)!

So, if you have any leftover Peeps - turn them into s'mores!!


* Graham Crackers
* Chocolate Bars
* Peeps!


I do have to note that our lake house area, like most of Texas, is under a strict burn ban due to the dryness & high winds. Therefore, we had to make grilled s'mores rather than the traditional roast-your-marshmallow-on-a-stick-over-a-fire kind.

1. Start by placing 1/4 of a regular sized chocolate bar on 1/2 a sheet of graham cracker. Top it with a Peep.

2. Very carefully place the Peep topped cracker on the grill over indirect heat. Place another 1/2 of a graham cracker on the grill to heat & use as the topper later.

3. Cover & wait until the chocolate is melted & the Peeps are nice & fluffy. Remove from the grill with a spatula & place on a plate. CAUTION: The graham crackers will be HOT!

4. Top Peep with the 2nd graham cracker half, squishing the Peep and sending the chocolate oozing out the sides.

5. Enjoy!! The messier, the better!

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