Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day 2010

Yesterday morning, I woke up, got ready, kissed The Hubs goodbye and said "See you in October." Why? Because yesterday was the Houston Astros Opening Day 2010! And as part of my job, I'm supposed to attend all Astros games (as they are my biggest customer). It really is a good thing I love baseball or I might not be cut out for the job.

Opening Day is my favorite baseball day of the year (Actually that's a lie. To be completely honest, Closing Day is really my favorite because by that time I'm a walking zombie & just want my nights & weekends back). But I love Opening Day because there is just a baseball buzz all around the city & when you arrive at the ballpark the energy is spectacular! There are all kinds of fun activities for the fans & special pre-game festivities.

And the first pitch ball gets delivered by a bunch of guys parachuting into the ballpark...

And we get to give fun gifts to our partners at the Astros & Aramark...

Aren't those so cute??

But the beginning of baseball season also means my cooking slows down quite a bit. I end up eating things like nachos...

And Hot Dogs...

Or maybe a brisket sandwich, fajitas, popcorn, chicken sandwich, etc. Luckily Minute Maid Park has a wide variety of food choices. And if I get desperately tired of the regular food, the chefs are nice enough to cook up something different for me.

All of that being said, I will do my best to still post new recipes as often as possible.

Here's to a great 2010 Season! GO ASTROS!

P.S. If any of you are readers from Houston, this Saturday, April 10th the Astros will be celebrating their 45th Anniversary. There will be $1 Hot Dogs & Cokes. The team will be wearing their old school jerseys & the grounds crew will be dressed like the grounds crew 45 years ago at the Astrodome: they wore space suits, helmets & carried vacuums to keep the Astroturf clean. I KID YOU NOT! It should be a lot of fun, so if you are in Houston, come out to the ballpark!!


  1. First--love that the label for this post was a "holiday" :) AND now I'm completely drooling b/c I would like one of the new hot dogs with BBQ on it like last summer...O.M.G.

  2. Love that the label for this post is holiday :) AND I'm drooling b/c I would like one of the new hot dogs with BBQ on it from last summer...O.M.G.

  3. Opening Day IS a holiday...as is my birthday :)