Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fabulous Foods Website Spotlight - Foodzie.com

My sister recently sent me an email about a website she found called Foodzie.com. It's basically like Etsy, but for gourmet food, snacks, gifts, etc.

Straight from their website:

"We are an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food directly from small passionate food producers and growers."

They have pages & pages of tasty looking items. I haven't personally ordered anything from them YET, but when I do, my order may contain:

* Almond Butter Crunch from p.o.p. candy - It's almonds in buttery, crunchy toffee. What's not to love??

* Beef Jerky from Gourmet Jerky for The Hubs (well, for me too).

* Basil Cheese Bread from Rio's Brazilian - Bread, Basil, Cheese...enough said!

* These cookies from Whimsy & Spice combine two of my favorite types of cookie - Brown Sugar Gingerspice Shortbread Cookies

* Raspberry Bars from Lisa's Cookie Shop - I love ANYTHING raspberry. Yumm!

Really everything from their whole Bakery section looks delicious!

When I place an order from Foodzie.com, I'll let you know what I get & how it turned out. In the meantime, check them out!

P.S. I've had my first request (and it came all the way from Italy)!! My friend, C requested that I share my Black Bean Chicken Enchiladas on my blog, so I'm off to make them for dinner! Come back tomorrow for the recipe & a play-by-play of my enchilada making skills.

And please feel free to make requests or suggestions for recipes!


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  1. yeah yeah yeah!!! thanks :) makes me hungry just thinking about them!