Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eat More Chicken

I am not ashamed to admit that I have a love affair with Chick-fil-a. Honestly, I could eat there everyday and be completely okay with it. All I ask for is a #1, wheat bun, no butter, diet coke & 13 ketchup packets. (Yes, you read that right 13 ketchup packets. Don't judge. My sister uses just as many. We are a sight to see when we go to CFA together and ask for ketchup).

Now that I'm trying to eat more healthy, I've reduced my Chick-fil-a intake significantly. As in, once every other week or so. My close friends know this is a huge accomplishment. And I now get the fruit cup instead of fries (sometimes).

However, my new eating habits did not stop me from putting the Chick-fil-a Calendar on my Christmas wish list. Have y'all seen this thing? It has coupons every month for all kinds of free tasty CFA treats.

The Hubs laughed at me when he saw it on my Christmas list, but knew I was dead serious because I put it on my list last year and was bummed when I didn't get it. So being the loving, wonderful hubby that he is, he bought it for me this year!

The point of this blog isn't a marketing pitch for Chick-fil-a, but rather to share with you all one of my most favorite items from Chick-fil-a that many aren't aware of. And it just so happened to be the January coupon on my calendar:

A Free Chicken Biscuit for Breakfast

This is pure yumminess! It is like a Chick-fil-a sandwich, only smaller and with a fluffy biscuit instead of a bun. My sister introduced me to these when I was in college and I have been hooked ever since. (And yes, we eat them with ketchup, but they only require 2-3 packets).

I'm always amazed when I hear people say they've never had one. I feel it is my civic duty to make sure everyone knows of this tasty treat. If YOU haven't had one, you are missing out! Go get one tomorrow morning on your way to work. Your taste buds will thank you.

Oh, and I never said these were healthy by any means. They're not. But something that tasty is worth the extra 20 minutes on the elliptical, no doubt.

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