Friday, March 25, 2011


When The Hubs & I went to the lake house a couple of weekends ago, I was trying to figure out what to make for breakfast. If its just the two of us there, we typically do pancakes, cinnamon rolls or something equally simple. (If we have guests, breakfast turns into a real homemade smorgasbord). I decided to do something a little different and make Migas.

Migas (which translates to "crumbs") has a variety of versions - from Spanish to Portuguese to TexMex. The Spanish & Portuguese versions typically use left over bread and are used as a side dish, while the TexMex version calls for tortilla strips and eggs and is served at breakfast. I obviously made the TexMex version.


Note: Feel free to use whatever ingredients & mix-ins that you like or have on hand.

* 4 slices of bacon, chopped
* 2/3 of a bell pepper, diced
* 1/2 bunch of green onions, chopped
* 2/3 cup sliced mushrooms
* 4 small corn tortillas, cut into small strips
* 4 to 6 eggs
* shredded cheese
* fresh cilantro, chopped
* salsa


1. Cook bacon in a skillet until crisp. Remove bacon from pan and place on a paper towel lined plate. Drain fat and wipe skillet clean.

2. Over medium-high heat, saute the pepper, onion & mushrooms until soft. Transfer to a plate & set aside.

3. Wipe the skillet clean again and return to the stove top. Once it is hot, add the tortilla strips & cook, stirring often, until tortillas are crisp.

4. Crack eggs into a bowl & scramble with a fork. Pour the eggs into the pan over the tortillas. Cook until almost set.

5. Just before the eggs are cooked through, add the veggies & bacon back to the pan and combine.

6. Serve topped with cilantro, cheese & salsa.

My Tid-Bits:

* If you want to sleep in a little longer in the morning, chop up all of the veggies & bacon the night before. If you have everything pre-chopped, this will only take you about 15 minutes to throw together.

* You can make these meatless my omitting the bacon OR make them more flavorful by using chorizo or breakfast sausage.

* Programming Note: I have SO MANY more recipes to share with you all. The photos are sitting on my camera waiting to be uploaded. I just haven't had the time to sit down at the computer & do it. I'm hoping I'll have a little more time next week.


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